Mindfulness in Nature, Platoul Bucegi, 30 iunie 2014


To participate is to fully engage all of your senses and all of your being – your body, heart, mind and consciousness.
‘Becoming an engaged participant’,  Mark Coleman.


A doua parte a seminarului Mindful Yoga and Interpersonal Meditation va fi o excursie in Bucegi :)

detalii mai jos:

On Monday, June 30th we will be continuing to cultivate mindfulness practice in the beautiful setting of the Carpathian Mountains, one of the few remaining areas of ancient, native woodland in Europe. 

We will carry our practice outwards from the Yoga centre in Bucharest into the natural world, engaging in sitting and walking meditations that open us to our interconnection with each other, with the mountains and the open sky.


Proposed Schedule
08:00 meet outside cable car, Sinaia
08:30 cable car to Varful Omu
09:00 – 12:00 mindfulness in nature ( sitting and walking meditation)
12:00 – 1:00 lunch (please bring a packed lunch)
1:00 – 3:30 mindful trekking to Omu
4:00 cable car to Sinaia


Pentru inscrieri/info: samastithi@gmail.com, sau ma puteti contacta direct la 0721.7655.702. G.



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