The Essence of LIBERATION, 04 Iulie 19:30– Practice & Dialogue with Tan Ajahn Abhinando

The scope of all Buddhist practice revolves around the notions of  ‘awakening’ or ‘liberation’.

In the more secular interpretations of the tradition, especially in the West, our basic problem is often reduced to certain  ‘negative’ characteristics of our minds. If we were to get rid of, transform or accept these ‘negative’ aspects of ourselves, we would reach the happiness we seek, or so we are taught.

In this interpretation, the path is all about changing myself.

Some Asian interpretations of Buddhism however seem to be saying exactly the opposite: samsara (and our experience in it) is the way it is– constant change, unsatisfactoriness and lack of any substantiality. It will never provide the satisfaction and happiness we crave. Awakening is often times just this realization…

We invite you to an evening of meditation and dialogue with Tan Ajahn Abhinando, of Dhammapala Monastery in Switzerland, where we will explore these two notions of liberation and the possibility of going beyond both.

Participation: Participation is open and free to everyone. Donations to cover the organizational costs are accepted. Program will be in English, with translation if necessary.