The role of the ego in Samkhya Yoga: Wednesday May 27, 19:00 at Mind Evolution Society

teachingIn Samkhya Yoga the ego (Ahamkar) is sometimes compared to the hard outer surface of a seed. With the presence of moisture (and a period of darkness) the outer shell begins to soften and it becomes porous. At this point there begins to be communication between the core seed (which is a store of information) and the environment.

It is that exchange of information in the period of gestation that stimulates the growth and draws the seed towards light.

We can compare the intimacy with experience possible in the relative isolation of practice with the moisture the seed needs for growth and the natural release of the shell of ego.

We will be exploring these notions in some detail on Wednesday, May 27th, 19:00 at Mind Evolution Society, in the context of Posture, Meditation and Breathwork.