The Seven Factors of Awakening, with Tan Ajahn Abhinando 25-26 September | Asociatia Alethea – Centrul Anahata

The Seven Factors of Enlightenment is a direct teaching coming out of the Satipatthana Sutta (Four Foundations of Mindfulness).

We will spend both Monday and Tuesday night together with Ajahn Abhinando examining how these seven factors can be cultivated in practice and at the same time how they describe the state of the mind leading to insight.

The seven factors are: (1) mindfulness, (2) investigation of experience, (3) energy, (4) joy, (5) serenity, (6) concentration, and (7) equanimity.

Of course, all practice starts with developing ‘mindfulness’ or ‘conscious attention’ but it is with the the second factor, ‘investigation of experience’, that the practice begins to take off.

By integrating the ability to ask “What is happening in my mind this moment?”, ‘How can it be understood?’, we are begining to open to experience rather than avoid experience.

We will have a chance to experience directly how these factors manifest in the practice of meditation and how to make them a part of our personal practice.

Locatie: Asociatia Alethea – Centrul Anahata, 19:00 – 21:30.

Participare: Intrarea este libera si deschisa tuturor. Pentru cei care au participat la retragerea din weekend dar si pentru cei care nu au putut veni. Donatiile sunt binevenite.