Working with the Mind: Introducing the Three Marks of Existence

One of the principal aspects of Theravada Vipassana meditation is the  investigation of the mind and related phenomena- thoughts, imagery and most importantly, affective states.

These phenomena are present in all experiences  determining not only the sense but the feeling of each moment, coloring experience in an infinite number of tones.

Upon investigation mental phenomena are found to have their counterpart in the body, undergoing constant change. Similarly, these are found to be non-substantial and as long as there is any clinging present, to  harbour the seed of dissatisfaction.

Together with Ajahn Abhinando we will explore several strategies in working with the mind and mental phenomena in both theory and practice.

About Ajahn Abhinando

From Hamburg, Germany – was accepted into the bhikkhu sangha under Venerable Ajahn Sumedho in 1994. He joined the sangha at Aruna Ratanagiri, in Harnham, UK in May 2002. He is  a senior monk holding numerous meditation retreats in Europe. He is also the author of a bilingual German-English collection of poems reflecting the Dharma in life, entitled When Everything is Said.